About Us

Student Discount Program

Jenkins Interactive Advertising is a California based company that develops off campus programs for colleges across America and their Student Senates partner with us to develop and administer their student discount program for them.

Jenkins Interactive Advertising is a member of the “Student Senate for California Community Colleges”, and home to many fantastic community colleges.

The Student Discount Program offer discounts on products and services from local merchants and all discounted offers are listed on your school branded “Student Discount Program” website.

There is no fee to colleges and universities for joining our student discount program and our team will manage your college student discount program for you at no cost to the school or student.

As a student, they are entitled to student discounts at lots of local and on-line businesses.

This is how our student discount program works:

Merchants pay a small fee for advertising and marketing their business on your student discount program website and all we ask is that you help to get the word out to your students by promoting your student discount program on campus through posters, flyer’s, the school newspaper, social media and digital media.

Students are able to subscribe to your student discount program and are kept informed on money saving offers by sending discounted offers to their mobile or PC, email in-box.

To redeem the discounted offer, students are asked present a valid school ID when they make a purchase.

It’s really simple and the students love it!
Our advertising and marketing programs are intended to help local businesses boost foot traffic, while offering money saving offers to the students.

We at Jenkins Interactive advertising have put together what we feel is one of the most effective interactive advertising and marketing programs you could find for a partnering Student Senate Student Discount Program.

For detailed information on our program, contact a consultant at 1-916-370-5583 or email us at: studentdiscountprogram@gmail.com