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Student Discount Program

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We are providing you with some important information that we feel… can have a major impact in helping your business.

We have recently launched a low cost local area discount program in your area to attract consumers wanting to save money during these tough economic times.

We have interactively combined several high impact discount programs together to drive consumers to partnering businesses offering special discounted offers to their local consumer.

We have found that discounted offers have the highest results when they are targeted to consumers living and working within a 5 to 10 mile radius around your business.

Targeting consumers close to your business will no doubt give your business the best opportunity at increasing your customer base.

If you own a business and are looking for a way to drive new and repeat consumers to your business, then you need to look into what we are doing to help businesses to increase their bottom line!

A little about us.

We are a California based company that develops off campus programs for colleges and universities across America. We are a member of the Student Senate for California Community Colleges€ and have already developed a school branded “Student Discount Program for over 200 colleges and universities across America… with our focus on colleges and universities located in California.

Students and student organizations partner with us to develop and administer a school branded – student discount program for their college or university.  In return they help us to promote their student discount program to students on and around their campus.

We are in a “Launch Period” and currently searching for 15 businesses to feature on our college student discount programs.

Those business will be able to advertise and market their products and services to the college students searching for special student discounted offers.

In a recent study, among the participants in a mobile-commerce study, it was shown that 90 percent of college students were using their mobile devices to search for coupons and other kinds of deals that would provide them with greater value or more money savings.

Marketing your products and services to college students can no doubt help your business to boost your customer base.

This is how our student discount program works:

Your business will be featured on our school branded student discount program websites and promoted on and around campus through; flyer’s, the school newspaper, social digital media or fellow students.

To redeem your discounted offer, students must present a “School ID” or Student Money Saver Card when they make their purchase.

Its really simple, students love it and most of our student discount program websites have already gone viral!

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Once we partner with 15 or more merchants, we will also add your student discounted offer on a student “money saver card” and distribute 10,000 Student Money Saver Cards to the students on and around campus.  This card keeps the student focused on those business and provides the student with a way to share your discounted offer with fellow students.

We will also add your discounted offer to a €œLocal Community Money Saver Card€ and distribute up to 10,000 cards to consumers in your local community.

We also partner with school organizations and can add your student discounted offer to a college or university fund raiser card asking for a $10.00 donation. We will distribute 1,000+ cards to the school organization at no cost to them giving them the opportunity to raise $10,000 for their cause. School organizations really appreciate your support and will go above and beyond to support your business in return!

Here is our business proposal:

We would like to feature your business on a minimum of two local college student discount program websites, list your business on two to three money saver cards and promote your business to consumers; living, working and attending college in your local community.

The cost on this wonderful local advertising and marketing program is priced at only $1,200.00 per year… per campus.

Because we are in our €œLaunch Period the first 15 businesses partnering with our €œfeatured local community advertising and marketing program€ will be offered a 50% discount and asked to only pay $600.00 per year.

Please visit our student discount program website here and search for a college or university in your local area to see what we are doing to help businesses like yours!

We feel we are offering the best local community discount program in America!

Thanks for checking us out.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.

Want to advertise with us? 

We’ll do all the advertising and marketing for you!

We’ll create the artwork and make your discounted offer live, once you give us the thumbs up.

What we need from you:

  • Basic business and contact information

  • Logos

  • Your offer (and terms)

  • Redemption codes (if necessary)

  • Any other important details

Please email us at studentdiscountprogram@gmail.com and provide us with your questions or comments.

We have chosen PayPal as our payment processing center because they are listed as having one of the most secure money payment programs in the United States.

Simply choose the best Ad program for your business below:

We accept Business Checks, PayPal and Credit Card payments.

“Annual” Local Area Advertising & Marketing Programs”Launch Period Pricing” First 15 merchants – Annual Fee – Advertising and Marketing Program.

If you need any assistance please contact us at: 916-370-5583.

Please email us at studentdiscountprogram@gmail.com and provide us with your questions or comments.